Heirlooms of the future


Product Category
Barnaby Wing Chair

From £1,750

Bethany Armchair

From £1,790

Clarence Carver Dining Chair

From £650

Clarence Dining Chair

From £600

Elliott Stool With Walnut Table

From £1,300

Evelyn Armchair

From £2,000

Evelyn Stool

From £680

Farringdon Sofa

From £3,270

Florence Sofa

From £3,250

Frances Armchair

From £1,750

Harper Sofa

From £3,090

Jenson Wing Chair

From £1,700

Jonathan Armchair

From £2,150

Juliet Armchair

From £2,075

Leonard Sofa

From £3,200

Leonard Stool

From £980

Linden Carver Dining Chair

From £620

Linden Dining Chair

From £580

Marley Sofa

From £2,810

Marlo Outdoor Armchair

From £1,600

Marlo Outdoor Sofa

From £2,760

Marlo Outdoor Table

From £950

Phillipa Armchair

From £1,740

Rowan Dining Chair

From £650

Soho Large Round Stool

From £520

Soho Perch Stool

From £415

Soho Small Round Stool

From £460

Waverly Sofa

From £3,850

Give your family heirlooms a new lease of life

If you’re an admirer of antiques, upcycling or family heirlooms then why not give your existing furniture a new lease of life.